Advisory Board Members

The Albany County Community Juvenile Services Board (CJSB) is accepting applications for member of the Advisory Committee to serve a two-year term. If you interested in serving on the Advisory Committee, please contact Maria Consuelos at and ask for an information form. 

The purpose of the CJSB is to review existing juvenile services, develop a community-wide juvenile services strategic plan, ensure that the system of juvenile services employs certain specific practices and to identify, develop, implement and enhance services for at-risk juveniles in Albany County aimed at achieving the purpose of a community juvenile services board as outlined in the Community Juvenile Services Act. 

Additional Information:

-          The Advisory Committee  of the Juvenile Board shall consist of thirty (30) to forty (40) representatives from agencies/organizations as outlined in Wyo. Stat. § 14-9-105 and members of the community, all of whom shall be qualified electors of Albany County. There is no limit to the number of terms an individual may serve on the Advisory Committee

Wyoming Joint Symposium on Children and Youth 2018

Registration Is Open for the 2018 Wyoming's Joint Symposium on Children & Youth!

What Wyoming's Joint Symposium on Children and Youth Is All About
The WY Crimes Against Children Conference and the WY Children's Justice Conference have merged to create one advanced learning opportunity: 

The Symposium takes a multidisciplinary approach to promoting innovative methods, distinctive approaches, and promising practices in responding to crimes against children and helping children and families heal.  

The WyoJSCY Committee invites you to join them at the leading statewide training event in the movement to prevent child abuse and neglect, strengthen families, and end crimes against children.

Visit their website to register:




Introduction to Restorative Justice Practices with Judge Ingram & Judge Teske

For recording of training click here.


Gain Critical Understanding and Skills in Restorative Justice Community Group Conferencing:

Furthermore on August 1-3, 2017 from 8:30am to 4:00pm at the University of Wyoming College of Law Room 170, Restorative Solution Inc. will provide a Community Group Conferencing training for both community member and facilitators. Individuals that are in a position to set up and facilitate community group conferences would want to RSVP as a facilitator. Facilitators would be required to attend the three day training. Individuals who are interested in participating in these community group conferences would RSVP as a facilitators. Community members are required to attend the morning session on August 1st and can return for an optional session on August 3rd to role play community group conferences. 

Community Group Conferences (CGCs) represent the most widely recognized Restorative Justice Model to identify and address harms caused by severe school discipline violations and criminal acts. This circle process brings together affected parties or victims, responsible parties or offenders, support people, and community members for a facilitated dialogue.

The CGC provides a safe and structured process to discuss what happened and resulting harms, and then explore ideas and requests to repair those harms to the greatest extent possible. The process culminates, by consensus, in a written contract for the responsible party (offender) to repair harms identified by the circle participants. All parties participate in a pre- conference with the facilitators to prepare for the conference.

Facilitators are responsible for contacting and meeting with all parties in the CGC to prepare them for the process, pre-brief trained community members, facilitate the CGC process, and provide contract agreement follow-up.

Community members are responsible for reviewing case referral information prior to the CGC, representing the community voice in the circle, and attending a contract completion reintegration circle, if applicable.

Please RSVP to by July 25, 2017.