Employee of the Month: Jeremy Huston


On May 5th law enforcement was dispatched to the area of Interstate 80 and the 15th Street overpass for a female subject who was planning to harm herself. Albany County Sheriff’s Office Corporal Jeremy Huston arrived in the area shortly after the call came out. Corporal Huston observed the woman standing underneath the overpass. When she observed Corporal Huston, she began walking down the embankment towards the eastbound lanes of travel on Interstate 80.

Corporal Huston waited for the right timing of passing vehicles and charged the woman, tackling her alongside the roadway. The woman was uninjured and Corporal Huston’s quick thinking and actions prevented this female subject from ending her life or causing a serious accident to occur on the interstate. What a job well done.”

Jeremy Huston

Jeremy Huston


Sheriff's Department