Employee of the Month: Brandy Proulx


“Brandy is always there to help with any situation. Weather it is a customer in need or a co-worker. She handles all situations in a respectful way and is also someone who will follow through to make sure it is done. “


“Brandy is a positive team player in our office, she is dependable and is the first person the public comes into contact with generally within our office. She is always helpful in answering any questions a tax payer or veteran has. She is a wonderful person to work with and strives to provide the best service by constantly learning new things that will better assist our office as a whole. She always has a smile on her face and is ready to help anyone.”


“It is such a privilege to work with Brandy! She knows how to make work fun. Brandy really knows how to work with customers and service them with a smile and great attitude. Whenever I have a question she is very good about helping and showing me if need be. Brandy is very thorough in everything she does. Brandy treats everyone with respect and truly cares about the well-being of those around her.”


“Brandy is a wonderful employee. She strives to do her best work and is always kind, respectful and knowledgeable when helping tax payers. Brandy is a great co-worker, she is thoughtful and makes the work day fun.”


“Brandy has the ability to make even the grumpiest person smile and have a good day. She can handle situations and complaints with professional knowledge that is understandable and helps customers feel at ease and important.”

Brandy Proulx

Brandy Proulx


Assessor's Office