A critical part of handling any disaster is in the management of recovery which is often done by local government. Recovery means actions taken to return a community to normal or near-normal conditions, including the restoration of basic services and the repair of physical, social and economic damages.  Typical recovery actions include debris cleanup, financial assistance to individuals or business owners, rebuilding of roads and bridges and key facilities, and sustained mass care for displaced human and animal populations. Below are some actions you can take to assist our community after a disaster occurs!


  • Report all major damages to your home/ property to EMA. This includes residential and commercial. By doing this, if there are enough damages the county may be able to receive funding to assist property owners. Make sure to take pictures and document any damages before you start to cleanup or rebuild. You can report damage by calling EMA or filling out the Storm Damage Report form :
  • Ranchers and producers are also encouraged to report any crop/ livestock losses as an agriculture disaster could be declared. 
  • Assist or check on your neighbors, especially the elderly or disabled as they might not be able to reach emergency services. 
  • If you have property damages, report it to your insurance company immediately. Remember homeowner’s insurance does not cover flooding. If you live in a flood prone area, look into flood insurance before the next flood strikes! 
  • Be aware of safety issues after a disaster occurs! Often infrastructure like power lines, roads/ bridges or gas line are disturbed. Be aware of your surroundings when traveling, do not cross flooded roads or go near down power lines.

Recovery after a Wildfire:

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