Writing Grant Proposals

Pre-Proposal Activities

This phase of the writing process is to generate ideas and build support for these ideas among those who will value them. Activities that occur are:

  • Build support for the idea
  • Determine if the organization can implement it
  • Develop a Budget and Budget Narrative
  • Develop an idea for a program, product, service, or activity
  • Develop Timetable for Project
  • Document and demonstrate need or benefit
  • Plan the proposal activities

Provided are some items that may be needed for your project budget:

  • Construction - Costs associated with a construction project related to new construction, alterations, and renovations.
  • Contractual - Consultant, service contracts for evaluations, surveys, speaker fees, bookkeeping, cleaning, equipment maintenance, etc.
  • Equipment - Office equipment, vehicles equipment, moveable equipment, equipment rental, equipment installation.
  • Fringe Benefits - Staff benefits including FICA, Wyoming Retirement, Health, Dental and Life Insurance, vacation accrual.
  • Personnel - Salaried personnel, hourly personnel, salary increases. Special categories of people who may need to assist with the project, i.e, research assistants, interviewers, computer programmers, secretaries, clerk-typists, editorial assistants, technicians, accounting staff, grants compliance reporting staff, etc.
  • Supplies - Office supplies, postage, test materials, questionnaire forms, duplicating materials, books/journals, electronic supplies, and report materials and supplies.
  • Travel - Automobile/aircraft/cab expense, subsistence - lodging and meals associated with administrative travel, fieldwork, professional meetings and consultant travel.
  • Other - Space rental, utilities, insurance, audit fees, mailing lists, etc.