Plan & Prepare

Are you ready for the next disaster? 

Disasters can strike without notice, so It is imperative that you have a plan and the resources needed to take on the next hazard. While emergency workers will be on the scene following a disaster, they may not be able to reach you immediately, so it is important to make sure that you have enough supplies for you and your family. For more information visit or Wyoming Office of Homeland Security

Creating an Emergency Plan

Having a plan for when a disaster/emergency strikes is one of the most important steps you can take to protect you and your family. Below are some steps to follow when developing an plan:

  •  Know your risk! If you know your home is frequently threated by wildfires, flooding, or other disasters plan based on those threats.
  •  Plan based on previous experiences. If your family has faced an emergency situation before, create a plan based on what you did and fix what you did not do well. 
  •  Have a meeting place away from your home or neighborhood where family members can meet in case you are separated. 
  • Decide what you and your family would do for certain disasters/ emergencies. Assign roles to different family members. 
  • Draw a floor plan of your home/ neighborhood and determine escape routes. Remember, some roads may be closed during flooding or a wildfire, know alternative routes you can take in an emergency.
  •  Know how to shut off the water, gas, and electricity at the main switches/ values in your home. 
  • Post emergency numbers by every phone and teach children how and when to dial 911. 
  • Plan on how to help elderly/ disabled neighbors in an emergency. 
  • Test your plan regularly! Make sure each family members knows what to do when a disaster strikes. 

Two Weeks Ready (PDF)

Emergency Kit Worksheet (PDF)

Prepare With Pedro - Kids Activity Book

2 Weeks ReadyBuilding a Disaster Kit 

Having a disaster kit ready to take at a moment's notice helps make sure you have the necessary supplies. Your kit will also come in handy if you must take shelter in your home. It is important to build your kit with at least 2 weeks worth of supplies for you and your family. Make sure your kit is custom to your needs, you may require your kit to have additional supplies. This list will help ensure your kit includes all the essentials. 

  • Water and food to maintain your family & pets (one gallon of water per person, per day.)
  • Utensils, plates, cups and a can opener,
  • Clothes (be sure to pack items to keep you warm if you have to go without heat and items that will cover your arms and legs in case you need to evacuate.)

Evacuation Kit

For more information, please visit Wyoming Ready or!

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