Winter Logging to Temporarily Close Parts of Forest Roads 512 and 512S

Public Service Announcement

(LARAMIE, Wyo.)  January 20, 2017

 Timber hauling and road plowing operations for the Foxborough Timber Sale, near the community of Foxpark, have prompted temporary road closures on portions of Forest Roads 512 and 512S.

 The timber sale and closed roads are located in the southern Snowy Range on the Laramie Ranger District (LRD), Medicine Bow National Forest.

The temporary closure applies to the 512 Road between the intersection with Forest Road 524 on the north end and to the road terminus at Wyoming Highway 230 on the south end. All wheeled motor vehicles and other forms of motorized and non-motorized travel are prohibited. This includes travel over snow on the restricted roads, its right-of-way, and in non-forested areas adjacent to the restricted roads. Private land owners in the Foxpark area are exempt from the Forest Special Order.

Public health and safety during timber operations and the subsequent snow removal on the roads are the reasons the Forest Special Order was signed to temporarily close the road segments.

The closure will be in place 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Operations are anticipated to be completed by May 1, 2017.

No snowmobile trails will be closed due to the order, however the roads are popular shortcuts for snowmobilers. Access to the area will still be available via the ‘T’ trail, which is accurately depicted on the current 2016-17 Wyoming State Trails Snowmobile map for Southeast Wyoming. If snowmobiles stay on the ‘T’ trail, there should be no conflict with logging or plowing equipment.

To learn more about the complete network of snowmobile trails on the Medicine Bow National Forest, riders can pick up a Southeast Wyoming Snowmobile Trails Map at sticker vendors or the Forest Service office in Laramie. 

Visitors to that portion of the National Forest, and outside of the road closure area, may still encounter machinery or plow trucks near the timber sale. When machinery is encountered, visitors are advised to use caution and slow down. Additionally, the public should not enter areas which are posted closed, as they are closed for their safety.

Temporary road closures are a short-term inconvenience needed to provide for long-term public safety. Forest users need to be aware of ongoing changes that may affect their travel and recreation plans.

For more information, contact the LRD at (307) 745-2300 or stop by 2468 Jackson St. in Laramie from 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.  You can also visit our website at, or follow the Medicine Bow National Forest on Twitter, @FS_MBRTB.

Posted by IT Department January 23, 2017
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