Name Office Term Expires Email
David P. Cunningham Chairman 01/2020 @
Keith A. Kennedy   01/2020 agrimind @
John Spiegelberg Vice-Chairman 01/2019  
Carl J. Miller   01/2018 wyo58 @
Shaun Moore   01/2019 smoore_dtre @


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Albany County Planning and Zoning Commission

Regular Meeting

May 10, 2017 – 7:00 p.m.

Albany County Commissioners Chambers


  1.     High Plains Subdivision Final Plats (SD-05-16)


  1.    Amendment to the Albany County Zoning Resolution (ZA-02-17) – Withdrawal process, density standards, additional dwellings, and zoning map changes
  2.    Amendment to the Albany County Platting and Subdivision Regulations (lot standards)
  3.    Procedure for prioritization of Planning Projects