Keystone Fire Update

July 28, 2017, 9:00 am

Yesterday, fire managers modified the Keystone Fire Closure Order as all contingency line work was completed.  Only a relatively small area of the Forest surrounding the fire remains closed.  All roads in the area are open except 562  and 586.  Main roads 500, 507, 511, and 512 are open; however expect logging trucks to be present on these roads for the next several days.

Power will be restored to the communities of Lake Creek, Rambler, Moores Gulch (Langford/Rinker) and Keystone today at noon.  Fire crews will patrol in those communities as a safety precaution.    

Rob Roy Reservoir is open.  This includes Rob Roy Campground (USFS), dispersed camping near Rob Roy, and Cinnabar Park.   The Spruce Mountain Lookout Tower remains closed this weekend as it is being utilized for communications by firefighters.  
Fire crews continue to patrol the fire perimeter as single tree torching persists along the southern edge of the fire.  The public can expect to see smoke coming from the interior of the fire as unburned pockets of fuel ignite with warmer weather.  

There is no change to the map. 



Location:  7 miles west of Albany, Wyoming


Communities OPEN due to a revised Fire Closure Order:  All communities are accessible today.  Home owners may return to their properties in Keystone and Moores Gulch (Langford/Rinker)


Camping areas OPEN due to a revised Fire Closure Order:   Rob Roy Campground (USFS), dispersed camping near Rob Roy, Cinnabar Park


Started: 7/3/2017 (lightning)  


Fire Size: 2,527 acres  


Containment:  80%  


Fire Suppression Strategy:  100% full suppression


Personnel:  30


Injuries:  4 minor      


Management:  Markalunas Type 3 Team  


Closures & Advisories: Forest Area Closure & Stage 1 Fire Restrictions:



Twitter: @FS_MBRTB
Phone: (307) 314-2191 



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Posted by IT Department July 28, 2017
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