Twice (Spring and Fall) a year the Clerk of District Court receives 1000 names from the Secretary of State that will be used in sending out questionnaires and compiling "Panels".  These names are randomly selected with names from voter registration and driver's license.

Once the completed questionnaires are returned they are randomly divided into three panels (A, B, and C).  If and when the first trial of the jury term comes up, 58 names from Panel A are randomly selected; the first 48 people that are contacted and confirmed must report for jury duty.

On the day given, you will report to the third floor of the courthouse at 8:45am where you will be greeted by a Bailiff to be checked in and shown to your assigned seat in the courtroom.  Jury selection will begin promptly at 9:00am.  WARNING:  If you are not present at roll call, the Judge will send a Deputy Sheriff to find you and escort you to the courthouse; the Judge will have a private meeting with you at his convenience.

Jury selection will normally last most of the morning.  If you are selected, you will be given instructions for the balance of the trial; if you are not selected, you will be free to leave.  Your name will remain in the Panel "A" pool.

For the next trial, this procedure will be followed again with Panel "B", then Panel "C" and back to Panel "A" until the end of that term (each term is six months)

Once you have actually been selected and served on a jury, you will be eligible to sign an exemption for any more service in the calendar year.

It is possible that your name to appear over and over on the lists received from the Secretary of State, or maybe never at all.  It is even possible to be in a jury pool for more then one court at the same time; the entire jury selection process is random.