1. It costs Wyoming taxpayers $63 dollars per person per day to incarcerate someone at the Albany County Detention Center.  By allowing drug court participants to remain in the community while providing comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment and coordinated intensive supervision, it costs Wyoming taxpayers $0 per day.

  2. Research estimates that more than 50% of defendants convicted of substance related offenses will recidivate within 2-3 years.  recidivism among all drug court participants has ranged from 5-28% and less than 4% for drug court graduates (Looking at a Decade of Drug Courts, 2001)

  3. Drug use is substantially reduced among defendants while they are participating in drug court programs.  For participants who graduate from the programs (ranging from 50%-65%), drug use is eliminated altogether. (Summary Assessment of the Drug Court Expeience).

  4. Albany County Court Supervised Treatment participants have named three factors that led to their success in drug court programs:

    • Close supervision and encouragement from Judges,

    • Intensive treatment, and,

    • Ongoing monitoring.