Employee of the Month: Christina Snowberger


"I would like to nominate Christina Snowberger our Human Resources Director for the December Albany County Employee of the Month."

"When looking in the dictionary for the definition of professional, Christina’s picture could easily be found next to the definition.  I have seen first-hand Christina at work in very difficult situations, she is calm, confident, reassuring to all parties involved.  She makes the transition for a new employee or an existing employee smooth by supporting both the employee and supervisor.  Christina has and continues to update our employee handbook staying ahead of possible issues. She works hard to have each employee of Albany County feel appreciated and “part of the family.”  These are but a few of the many hats Christina wears each day.  The departments having stepped forward and embraced our Human Resource Department have all expressed to me what a true asset Christina is to Albany County."

Tori Jacobson

Christina Snowberger

Human Resources Director

Human Resources