(LARAMIE, Wyo.)  July 6, 2017 – Significant growth occurred on the fire yesterday.  The infrared flight last night indicated that the perimeter has grown to approximately 1,300 acres. 

Firefighters have continued to defend all the permanent structures successfully.  Engines have arrived to assist with structure defense. Some crews will be visiting homes in the surrounding area to perform assessments that will help them decide how to most effectively defend the structures. Later, another group will implement these strategies by installing sprinklers and removing fuels from the home area. At this point, sprinklers have been successfully installed around homes near Keystone

The fire behavior today will be similar to previous days.  Firefighters anticipate the fire behavior to increase in the afternoon with the possibility of large pyrocumulus cloud formations over the fire. 


In preparation for the expected fire activity, firefighters will be constructing and reinforcing fire lines using existing roads and trails where it is possible and safe to do so.  In the heavy beetle infested timber, crews will construct indirect line in lighter fuels, where the probability of success is higher. Logging equipment will be used to fortify the containment lines.  

Remember, a Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) is in place around the Keystone Fire to allow air operations to proceed safely.  Drones pose a serious risk to firefighting and can cause aircrafts to be grounded.  

Firefighter and public safety will continue to be our top priority in managing this fire.  Firefighters will fight the fire where it is safe to engage and there is a high probability of success.




Closures & Advisories:

Evacuated Communities:Keystone, Rambler, Lake Creek, Moore’s Gulch (Langford/Ricker)

Evacuated Camping: Rob Roy Campground (USFS), dispersed campers near Rob Roy, Cinnabar Park and Bobbie Thomson

Fire Size: 1,306 acres

Containment:  0%  

Firefighters: 301

Location:  8 miles West of Albany, Wyoming

Started:  7/3/2017

Management:  Rocky Mountain Type 2 Blue Team


Posted by IT Department July 06, 2017
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