Public Service Announcement PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT - (April 13, 2014) 

Public Service Announcement

PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT - (April 13, 2014)

The National Weather Service had a Regional Tornado Emergency Alert Test at 1030am on April 25th. You may have heard the test on your radio station or TV station. This was only a test,if there was a real emergency you would have been given more information and direction by the local radio and TV stations.

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NEWS RELEASE (March 28, 2014) 

Annual Shooting Restrictions Begin Monday on Pole Mountain

Public Service AnnouncementAnnual Shooting Restrictions Begin Monday on Pole Mountain (LARAMIE, Wyo.)

(LARAMIE, Wyo.)  March 28, 2014 – The Laramie Ranger District would like to remind the public that annual shooting restrictions will take effect on Monday, March 31.  These restrictions, which are authorized by Forest Service special order, prohibit the discharge of firearms within the Pole Mountain unit of the Medicine Bow National Forest from March 31 through Sept. 10.  Hunters who possess a valid Wyoming hunting license and are in pursuit of the species for which their license is valid are exempted.  This includes spring turkey hunters.

Discharging a firearm during the restricted period is prohibited to provide for public safety.  The Pole Mountain unit is one of the most highly used recreation areas on the National Forest.  Visitor safety is of the utmost concern and stray bullets pose an unnecessary hazard.  This is an annual renewal of a special order which has been in effect since the late 1990’s.

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NEWS RELEASE (March 25, 2014) 

Public Asked for Comment on Proposed Invasive Plant Species Management (LARAMIE, Wyo.)

 Public Service AnnouncementThe Medicine Bow-Routt National Forests and Thunder Basin National Grassland (MBRTB) is proposing to treat non-native and invasive plants using a variety of methods in the future. Possible alternatives for those actions have been crafted into an Invasive Plant Management Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), which is now available for public review and comment.

The Draft EIS is online at: Adaptive management and the use of newly developed herbicides are addressed by the Draft EIS, but the main focus of the analysis is providing for the use of approved herbicides to be applied aerially. The emphasis is on controlling cheatgrass and other annual bromes on critical big-game winter ranges and enhancing native species sagebrush understories on sage-grouse habitats found on the MBRTB.


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NEWS RELEASE (March 25, 2014) 

Wet Conditions and Violations Prompt Temporary Forest Road Closures

Public Service AnnouncementWet Conditions and Violations Prompt Temporary Forest Road Closures (LARAMIE, Wyo.)

(LARAMIE, Wyo.)  March 25, 2014 – A combination of wet conditions and illegal off-road travel are damaging roadbeds, as well as soil and vegetation resources, prompting the temporary closure of roads on the Medicine Bow National Forest’s Pole Mountain Unit between Laramie and Cheyenne. 

After Forest personnel monitored ground conditions over the past couple of weeks, Laramie District Ranger Frank Romero decided to temporarily close most Forest Service roads within Pole Mountain.  The closures, which will be implemented later this week, will not affect access to private lands, Forest Service permit holders, or users of the Tie City and Happy Jack Recreation Areas.  Until conditions improve, closures will prohibit wheeled motor vehicles, while still allowing non-motorized access for activities such as hiking, bicycling, hunting, skiing and rock climbing.


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PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT - (March 19, 2014) 

Public Service AnnouncementEmergency Siren Test:  On Friday, March 21st at 10:00 AM, the Emergency Management System will be conducting a 30 second test of the Emergency Sirens. The sirens are located in 8 areas around the county and all will be simultaneously tested. This is a test only. Please do not call 911.  If this was a real emergency, the sirens would last for 180 seconds and further information would be available through radio announcements. This will only test connections and a short wail sound will be heard. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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Free Avalanche Awareness Clinics Available to Public 

Public Service AnnouncementBackcountry users and winter enthusiasts are encouraged to participate in either of two, free avalanche awareness clinics that will be offered this upcoming weekend.

Users of all levels and varieties, be it skiing, snowmobiling, snowboarding or snowshoeing, will benefit from the clinics taught by professionals from the Bridger-Teton Avalanche Center in Jackson, Wyo.

Each clinic will consist of a classroom session, held in Laramie at the Holiday Inn, and a field session, held in the Snowy Range on the Medicine Bow National Forest.

This program is designed to give winter backcountry travelers information on identifying avalanche terrain, travel techniques, snow pack conditions and safety factors. The field sessions will look first hand at snowpack conditions, terrain factors, beacon use, probing and shovel techniques.



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NEWS RELEASE - (February 25, 2014) 

Public Service AnnouncementOn Sunday February 16th, 2014 Deputies of the Albany County Sheriff's office responded to a residence on the report of allegations of a sexual assault originating in the Rock River area.

As a result of the investigation it was determined that the suspect in the case had been an employee with the Albany County School District as a Physical Education teacher, as well as a Girls basketball coach.


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Spotter Training 

Public Service Announcement Spotter Training

The National Weather Service will be conducting Spotter Training in Albany County on 3-20-2014. The training will take place at Laramie Fire Station #3 located at 2374 Jefferson Street from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.


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ACSO -Search 

Public Service Announcement SEARCH

The Albany County Sheriff's office was notified at approximately 8 a.m. Saturday morning (012514) of (4) Nebraska men that had reportedly left the Albany, Wyoming area at approximately 10 a.m. on Friday morning and had failed to return and meet with a friend with whom they were staying with.

-Searchers had no information as to where these men may be riding snowmobiles resulting in an extremely large area that had to be checked initially which was unsuccessful as dark time neared.

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