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Sirens Test 

Public Service AnnouncementNEWS RELEASE - (November 3, 2016)



County test of the Emergency Outdoor Warning Siren System and IPAWS System

The Albany County Emergency Management Agency will be testing the Outdoor Warning Siren system, Code Red and IPAWS System promptly at 10:00 a.m. Friday November 4, 2016 for all Albany County Sirens located in Laramie, Rock River, Centennial and Albany. The outdoor warning system will sound a steady signal for a period of 1 to 3 minutes. The IPAWS test will only go out to the media that have elected to receive EAS Messages.

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Verizon Cell Customers - 911 Emergencies Update 

Public Service Announcement

NEWS RELEASE - (September 27, 2016)

VERIZON Cell Customers

Albany County Emergency Management has been Notified that the  Utility Problems for Verizon Customers has been resolved.  The service outage that affected many 911 dispatch centers across Wyoming began at 1406 MT and was resolved by 1830 MT September 26th, 2016.  The following 911 Centers were affected in Wyoming.

Affected PSAPs: Casper Public Safety Communications Center, Converse County Sheriffs Office, Niobrara County Sheriffs Office, Rawlins Police Department, Afton Police Department, Platte County Communications, Fremont County Sheriffs Office, Laramie County 9-1-1 Emergency Center, Sweetwater County Sheriffs Office, Laramie & Albany County Records and Communications, Teton County Sheriffs Office, Sublette County Sheriffs Office

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Verizon Cell Customers - 911 Emergencies 

Public Service Announcement

News Release - (September 26, 2016)



VERIZON Cell Customers

Albany County Emergency Management has been  Notified that there are Utility Problems for Verizon Customers.  Dispatchers request that following number be used to report  911 Emergencies within Albany County using your Verizon phone until Verizon Services have been restored. 307.721.2526

Albany County Emergency Management will be sending out a Code Red Message for residents that have subscribed.

Contact Aimee Binning for more information at 307.721.1815

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Albany County LEPC Meeting 

Public Service AnnouncementNEWS RELEASE - (September 26, 2016)

Public Meeting

Albany County LEPC Meeting


The Albany County Local Emergency Planning Committee will hold their quarterly meeting at 12:00 p.m. Monday October 3, 2016 at Fire Station #3 on 2374 Jefferson in  Laramie Wyoming.

For further information please contact the Albany County Emergency Manager at or 307.721.1815.

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State receives anonymous threat through email 

Public Service Announcement

MEDIA RELEASE - (September 22, 2016)

Contact: Kelly Ruiz, Public Information Officer, Wyoming Office of Homeland Security, 307-777-4900

For Immediate Release

State receives anonymous threat through email

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) – This morning, the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security received notice of an anonymous email with threats made against state facilities, schools statewide and the Cheyenne Regional Airport. Several other states have received similar emails.

The Wyoming Office of Homeland Security has shared this email information with the appropriate authorities. If any information develops validating the threat, the appropriate parties will be immediately notified.


If you have information or need assistance, please contact the Wyoming Criminal Intelligence Center at (307) 777-7181 or


Wyoming Criminal Intelligence Center

208 South College

Cheyenne, Wyoming  82002

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Fire Restrictions Lifted 

Public Service Announcement

News Release - (September 22, 2016)


Due to moderating fire weather conditions, Albany County will lift the partial fire restrictions currently in effect throughout the county on September 23, 2016. The forecast precipitation and lower temperatures will reduce the potential for dangerous fires to arise from ordinarily safe practices.

While the danger of accidental wildfire is diminished, it will remain important to handle fire cautiously. The risk of a fire escaping through carelessness will remain and there will be occasional days on which this risk will be high. Please avoid unnecessary fires on hot, dry, and windy days, especially while red flag warnings are posted by the National Weather Service. As always, make sure campfires are cold before leaving them, using a shovel and water as required.

For additional information please contact the Albany County Fire Warden at 307-760-3641.

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Undersheriff Rob Debree 

Undersheriff Robert J DebreeRob DeBree, 58, passed away on September 2, 2016. At the time of his passing, he was enjoying two of his most cherished activities: spending time with his son, and hunting.

Rob was born July 19, 1958 to Shirley and James DeBree, in Port Huron, Michigan.  Following a move which would later take the family to Montana, he attended several schools and graduated as an accomplished athlete from Bozeman High School in 1976. Rob excelled in both baseball and football.  Rob would attend Montana State University, where after a year as a student-athlete playing football, he enlisted in the United States Air Force.

Upon completion of his military service, DeBree would marry Alyn Hayes in 1980, though they would later divorce in 1986. Rob welcomed the adoption of his daughter Danae Horst, in 1980, and celebrated the birth of his son, Josh, two years later.

Rob began a highly successful career in law enforcement and ultimately became a highly decorated and respected 34-year career.  Rob joined the Douglas County (Colorado) Sheriff’s Office in 1980.  DeBree’s dedication and work ethic would promote his noteworthy rise to the rank of Corporal within the same year. Following three years of service, Rob moved to Laramie, Wyoming to fulfill goals of being closer to family, as well as the opportunity to serve with the Albany County Sheriff’s where Rob was employed until the time of his death.

Reflected in numerous professions and professional awards, undoubtedly DeBree’s greatest source of pride would come in 1987 upon meeting his best friend and future wife, Susan (Dalles) DeBree. Married in July of the following year, the couple will continue to be remembered for their strong sense of family and generous support of Albany County youth, especially within the community of 4-H.

While Rob’s sense of dedication and determination will be remembered by all who knew him, his unshakeable commitment to service and law enforcement will forever define his greatest achievements and personal aspirations.  Reflected in numerous hard-earned promotions, including Deputy, Detective Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Detective Lieutenant, DeBree’s highest rank would come in his most recent post as Albany County Undersheriff, a position he thoroughly enjoyed while serving with Sheriff Dave O’Malley

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Linford School Parking Lot Is Now Partially Open 

Public Service Announcement

Public Announcement - (August 16, 2016)


The Linford School parking lot is now open from the Grant Street side (the west side of Linford). The Grant Street side is the only current entrance into the parking lot.

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Partial Fire Restrictions Announced in Albany County, August 2016 

Public Service Announcement

News Release - (August 8, 2016)

  Due to increasingly severe fire danger, Albany County will establish partial fire restrictions throughout the county beginning August 10, 2016.  The restrictions will remain in place until precipitation and lower temperatures reduce the potential for dangerous fires.

This last weekend’s precipitation has temporarily reduced the fire danger throughout much of the county, but dry conditions in other parts of the county and the forecast hot weather for the next few days will require that extra care be taken to prevent wildfire.

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Health Threats from Wildfire Smoke 

Public Service Announcement



How to tell if smoke is affecting you


  • Smoke can cause—
    • Coughing
    • A scratchy throat
    • Irritated sinuses
    • Shortness of breath
    • Chest pain
    • Headaches
    • Stinging eyes
    • A runny nose
    • Asthma exacerbations
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