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Partial Fire Restrictions Began 07/10/2017 

Please click below for more detail Fire Restriction Public Notice Fire Restriction 2017-13 More fire restriction information is available at these sites: read more...
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Fire Restrictions Lifted 

Public Service Announcement

News Release - (September 22, 2016)


Due to moderating fire weather conditions, Albany County will lift the partial fire restrictions currently in effect throughout the county on September 23, 2016. The forecast precipitation and lower temperatures will reduce the potential for dangerous fires to arise from ordinarily safe practices.

While the danger of accidental wildfire is diminished, it will remain important to handle fire cautiously. The risk of a fire escaping through carelessness will remain and there will be occasional days on which this risk will be high. Please avoid unnecessary fires on hot, dry, and windy days, especially while red flag warnings are posted by the National Weather Service. As always, make sure campfires are cold before leaving them, using a shovel and water as required.

For additional information please contact the Albany County Fire Warden at 307-760-3641.

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Partial Fire Restrictions Announced in Albany County, August 2016 

Public Service Announcement

News Release - (August 8, 2016)

  Due to increasingly severe fire danger, Albany County will establish partial fire restrictions throughout the county beginning August 10, 2016.  The restrictions will remain in place until precipitation and lower temperatures reduce the potential for dangerous fires.

This last weekend’s precipitation has temporarily reduced the fire danger throughout much of the county, but dry conditions in other parts of the county and the forecast hot weather for the next few days will require that extra care be taken to prevent wildfire.

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Beaver Creek Fire, Small Perimeter Growth, Structure Defense a Priority 

Public Service Announcement


Overnight a thunderstorm passed over the fire but did not produce significant rainfall.  Small spot fires in the northwest and southwest part of the fire resulting from changing wind directions were quickly addressed by firefighters.  Night shift firefighters focused on structure defense and cooling down hot spots around values at risk often referred to as mopping up.


A mild cold front passed last night bringing drier air to the area, shifting winds from the southwest to the northeast.  Temperatures today will be cooler, 68-73 F but humidity will also decrease, ranging from 17-22%.  Lower humidity can cause fire activity to increase especially during wind shifts caused by afternoon thunderstorms.


The fire continues to remain active in the identified burn area with some areas experiencing short crown runs and group torching. Smoke becomes more visible when the fire ignites pockets of unburned fuel in areas the flame front has already passed and as the fire reaches new unburned fuels along the perimeter.  The fire is burning primarily in heavy timber with a high percentage of beetle kill, and in some areas of grass and sagebrush. Incident Commander Jay Esperance briefed firefighters, “while providing structure defense and building fireline today, refer to the 18 firefighting watch out situations as a tool maintain firefighter and public safety as the top priority.”  Today firefighters will continue to provide structure defense and scout for and build fireline.  Resources assigned to the fire today include 425 firefighters working on engines, bull dozers, water tenders, helicopters, airplanes and hand crews.


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Beaver Creek Fire Information Phone Numbers 

Public Service Announcement


New phone lines have been established for both public information and media requests for the Beaver Creek Fire. They are as follows:

Public Information – 307-223-2291

Media Information – 307-223-2220

 These phone lines are being staffed by Information Officers with the Rocky Mountain Incident Management Team Blue (Esperance).

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Beaver Creek Fire continues to grow, hits 7,000 acres  

Public Service Announcement


Winds continued to push the Beaver Creek Fire to the east on Wednesday and the burned acreage estimate is now 7,000 in Jackson County, Colo. The fire, which began last Sunday on the Routt National Forest, is firmly established on BLM-managed Independence Mountain. Crews will continue night operations on Wednesday in preparation for the management transfer on Thursday morning to Rocky Mountain Incident Management Team Blue (Esperance). The growing complexity of the fire has prompted the reclassification of the incident from Type III to Type II.

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Significant Growth for Beaver Creek Fire, now at 3,800 acres 

Public Service AnnouncementPUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT - (June 21, 2016, Walden, CO)

 A wind shift on Tuesday afternoon drove the Beaver Creek Fire to the east, jumping over two main roads and establishing spot fires on BLM-managed Independence Mountain. The majority of the 3,800-acre fire remains on the Routt National Forest in northwest Jackson County, Colo.

Fire staff were working late Tuesday with Jackson County and the BLM to evacuate dispersed campers on Independence Mountain.

Due to the ever-growing complexity of the fire a management transition will take place Wednesday to a Type II Incident Command Team.

Staffing levels are now at 120 fire personnel. Air resources working the fire include two Type I helicopters, a Type II helicopter, a Type III helicopter, and an air attack plane. One tanker drop of retardant took place Tuesday evening and additional resources are on order.

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