Albany County Court Supervised Treatment Program is a minimum eighteen month, four phase intensive outpatient intervention program for adults (18 and older) who have plead guilty to one or more non-violent alcohol/drug offenses and who are having difficulty staying clean and sober.  The Court Supervised Treatment Program provides a court-supervised Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program for alcohol and other drug defendants and/or the families of those enduring charges.  The Court Supervised Treatment Program is a voluntary program which includes rapid intervention, mentoring, responsibility, frequent and direct contact with drug court program team members, judicial leadership, self-determination, use of incentives and sanctions, individual and group counseling, addictions and recovery education, and random drug testing,.  The Court Supervised Treatment ProgramC is a collaborative effort between the Albany County Circuit Court, County Attorney's Office, Public Defenders Office, Law Enforcement Agencies, Probation and Parole, and Treatment Provider.  By working together, the Court Supervised Treatment Program Program Team seeks to provide substance abuse treatment and consistent supervision geared toward supporting and helping participants maintain a substance free life.  The Court Supervised Treatment Program creates a spirited environment by way of clear, firm, and specific rules that are easily understood, based on the participant's performance, and with measurable results.  Compliance is wholly within the Court Supervised Treatment Program participant's control.